Boxing experts reveal how to throw the perfect jab

Boxing experts reveal how to throw the perfect jab

Published On Thursday, May 21, 2020By Tim Rickson

Boxing experts share trade secrets

'The right hand can take you around the block, but a good jab can take you around the world'

BBN asked professional boxers and trainers to reveal their trade secrets on how to throw the perfect jab.


British featherweight champion Ryan Walsh: "The Jab, the most important fundamental a fighter most learn. It all starts from the boxer's feet (foundations), no matter what range (situation) or type of jab the boxer throws, it’s all about having your feet (foundations) right. To master any punch you must first master your feet.

The jab starts from your feet, once you're set you must use your hips to give you that flexibility needed when the last part of the three-part action takes place. The snap (extension) of the shoulder to the snap of the wrist when turning your knuckles over on to and (through the target) there are many jabs and variables but the basic jab like any other fancy (up jab-paw-fake) all rely on the three-part fundamentals described above. 

I believe the jab is the range finder, te set up punch, most important to any if not all combinations. Master the Jab (Floyd Mayweather), master boxing."


World title contender Jazza Dickens: "The jab has to be versatile, it can be thrown in many different situations. Strong, fast, slow, screwed... I think it’s best to learn all types of jabs."


Trainer Dee 'The Hat': "The perfect jab, ah now that’s a good question. But where would we start? Maybe Joe Louis. It’s kinda like asking how long is a piece of string. There are so many different types of jabs you can use in boxing. The fast jab, the brick Jab, the double, the treble, hook of it, the up jab, the body jab, the shoulder jab, the trap Jab.

Larry Holmes had an amazing jab and so did Tommy Hearns, the Klitschkos never really threw anything else. The screw shot (jab) was all a young Ricky Hatton ever threw. Sonny Liston had a brick jab, like a right hand! Not many done it better than Ali (who probably influenced Holmes in that regard) or Sugar Ray Leonard either. Even a prime Mike Tyson, for me, was a great expert of the jab.

The great teachers of the past always said it’s the most important punch in boxing, and I couldn’t agree more."


Trainer Mark Tibbs: "Stand side on, pop it from the shoulder like a snake's tongue!"


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