Claressa Shields: "I’m going to knock Savannah Marshall out cold!" fight time date predictions channel live stream links amateur footage

Claressa Shields: "I’m going to knock Savannah Marshall out cold!"

Published On Wednesday, April 14, 2021By British Boxing News

Claressa Shields blasts rival Savannah Marshall in scathing interview

Claressa Shields: "Savannah Marshall has got nothing on me - don't believe the hype. She's going to get her a** kicking this year for sure"

Speaking via the blog, Claressa Shields (11-0, 2KOs) blasted rival Savannah Marshall (10-0, 8KOs) after her latest win last weekend on the Benn-Vargas undercard, stating: “I want to tell the UK fans Savannah Marshall has not got s**t on me. She doesn't have anything on me. Nothing. Don’t believe the hype. She told everybody in the UK I retired from boxing to run away from her. No. I’m just so great, I can do MMA at the same damn time. 

"She’s going to get her a** kicking this year for sure. I’m going to knock Savannah Marshall a** out. Sleep. Cold. She knows that. I’m a nine-time world champion, she just won a belt that became vacant because I haven’t fought in a year."

Hatrlepool's Savannah Rose Marshall won the WBO Female middleweight title in October 2020 against Scotland's Hannah Rankin, which she defended successfully to over-matched Maria Lindberg last weekend, stopping the Swede in three rounds after two knockdowns. The previous holder of the WBO bauble was her bitter rival Claressa Shields, 26 from Michigan, who went on to accuse Marshall of avoiding her, "She could have fought me for all the belts to prove what she’s saying but instead she waited for my belt to become vacant and then fought for the vacant title when she could have fought me, so no, she’s not ranked. 

"She’s not ranked until she’s fought a Hannah Gabriel, or beat a Christina Hammer, beat somebody who is a world champion and not just brag about going 10 rounds with Hannah Rankin, big whoop, congrats. You look at her resume, Hannah Rankin was her toughest test but everyone else gets two weeks notice - she’s not fought anyone [else] who has a winning record.”

Known as the 'Silent Assassin', Marshall made history as Britain's first ever British female world champion when she won gold at the 2012 World amateur championships in China. she now trains with Peter Fury and counts Hughie Fury as a teammate, with whom she is very competitive with in training. She remains the only ever opponent to inflict a defeat on three-weight world champion Shields.

The pair are on a collision course in the professional ranks to renew their amateur rivalry, but the two-time Olympic gold mmedallist, known as 'T-Rex', is currently moving over to MMA to compete on the Professional Fighters League.

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