Craig Richards blasts Shakan Pitters: "You can’t punch. You’ve got pillow fists" press conference what time channel tv undercard details preview prediction oddschecker betting odds

Craig Richards tells Shakan Pitters: "You can’t punch. You’ve got pillow fists"

Published On Wednesday, September 23, 2020By British Boxing News

Pitters and Richards taunt each other in head-to-head video call

Warring light-heavyweights Shakan Pitters and Craig Richards have declared war ahead of their explosive British title showdown on Saturday 14th November, when they went head-to-head on a video call with Seconds Out.

The pair have been desperate to clash in the ring to settle once and for all their feud and finally find out who really is the best of British with bragging rights and the prestigious Lonsdale belt up for grabs in the crunch clash, live and free to watch in the UK on Channel 5.

Ahead of the fight, British Champion Pitters and challenger Richards faced each other for the Hennessy Sports Boxing Unlocked series with host Danny Flexen moderating the head-to-head, but even he found it impossible to get a word in to separate the pair.

Here is a taste of what was said in the explosive and must see head-to-head:

Shakan Pitters: When he (Chad Sugden) hit you your legs were everywhere.

Craig Richards: Being hurt is what I saw against Dec Spelman, when your knees buckled. 

CR: You can’t punch. You’ve got pillow fists.  You can move and avoid, but punching is not your field.

SP: Bottom line is you’re going to get battered.

CR: I’m telling you this is easy work.

SP: When things get tough, like you always do, you look for Peter Sims to pop his shirt down and put his nipple in your mouth!

CR: I’m talking you to Nandos afterwards, you know what, chin up, you tried, you can bounce back, I’ll even get you a whole chicken extra hot.

SP: I’ll be getting the bigger fight purse and Christmas is around the corner, I’ll send you a little something so you can have some Christmas money as it seems Eddie doesn’t want to put you on his shows.

SP: On November 14 you’re going to get smashed.

The whole video can be viewed on Seconds Out YouTube this evening at 5pm by clicking HERE 

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