Harvey Horn vs Elvis Guillen

Harvey Horn working on improvements as he targets title fight next

Published On Tuesday, September 17, 2019By British Boxing News

Harvey Horn keen to work on improvements ahead of title opportunities

Unbeaten Harvey Horn says he was pleased with his performance against Elvis Guillen on Saturday night, but admits he still has things to work on with coach Mark Tibbs.

The 24-year-old was in action as part of Frank Warrren’s stacked York Hall broadcast exclusively on BT Sport as he continued his immaculate record of seven fights, seven wins. 

The former amateur star was in action alongside his Team GB teammate Chris Bourke who also remained unbeaten.

Despite wobbling his opponent on a number of occasions and winning plaudits from social media, the Horn reckons he still has things to work on.

He said: “I think when we get back in the gym we’re going to work on some defensive stuff just when I am in close range.

“A lot of people were commenting after the fight about my head movement but I think I rely too much.

“When you come into the pros you have to start taking shots on the gloves and arms, but other than that I think everything is coming on as expected and how I wanted it to be.

“During the fight Mark and Jimmy [Tibbs] were really happy with everything, I think when I rocked him I could have got him out of there but it was nice to do the longer rounds.

It takes the well-supported youngster to the verge of titles now after becoming accustomed to the paid ranks, something he is chomping at the bit for.

“I always bring a good crowd but there is something about it being in York Hall, I could feel the energy in every round,” he continued.

“But now I want to give them a title, hopefully that’s what the next one will be. We are looking at being out in November and the plan is to have some sort of belt up for grabs.

“It would give me a bit more fire, I reckon it definitely would be the same for those that came and supported me so let’s see what can be done.”