All the results from Saturday night's BT Sport show

Kaisy Khademi vs Ijaz Ahmed headline Queensberry Promotions first show of the year on BT Sport 1 HD tonight from 7.30pm.

After the unfortunate loss of the British Super-Featherweight title clash between Anthony Cacace and Lyon Woodstock, after the latter tested positive for covid-19, the main event is now occupied by Kaisy Khademi contesting his WBO European and the vacant IBF European Super-Flyweight Titles against Ijaz Ahmed.

Elsewhere on the card, Sam Noakes takes on unbeaten Delmar Thomas, Nathan Heaney takes on Ryan Oliver, Tommy Fury returns to the ring and Masood Abdulah, Amaar Akbar and Adan Mohamed all make their professional debuts.

Full results below:




Two-time national champion and six-time Yorkshire champion Amaar Akbar reached the final of the senior National Amateur championships at the young age of 18, defeating the No.1 seed on his way to the last two. He was defeated by now promotional stablemate Sam Noakes in the final. Staying on the amateur theme, the debutant gets a tough test against former England representative Chris Adaway in the 27-year-old's 83rd bout.

Akbar was taking his time, as composed as a four or five fight pro, and was happy to get the rounds in, but was he being a bit too comfortable in there?

The second round saw the best punch of the fight as he pulled backwards to dodge a jab and launched forward with an hellacious right hand that turned Adaway's head sideways. 

In the third, he landed a lovely right hand counter after slipping a jab, very eyecatching.

Fourth and final round, he started to up the pace a bit and was looking to put the pressure on Adaway, who raised his hand every time he landed a shot. He even pulled out a Billy Joe Saunders when Abdulah's attack missed by a mile and looked out to the (empty) crowd to see where it landed.

The result was scored 40-36 to the debutant, even though Adaway thought he had won the contest.




Hugely popular Stoke FC fan Nathan 'Hitman' Heaney earned a contract with Frank Warren after delivered an impressive performance on a Queensberry show back in November at Arena, Birmingham where he overcame Nelson Altamirano via a fifth round stoppage. The 31-year-old is a former Midalnds Area middleweight titlist and currently holds the IBO Continental super-middleweight strap. 

Ryan Oliver was last on our TV screens when he won his six-round fight against William Warburton on the Ultimate Boxxer 6 Heavyweights tournament in December 2019. Bizarrely, his last fight was against Earl Bacome in Bermuda, where he dropped an eight-round decision to the home fighter.

Heaney was landed big shots very early on in the first round. Tough Oliver wasn't looking too perturbed by the damage sustained but he looked visibly marked up already. Hn ended the round firing shots, however.

The pair were fighting in very close quarters which means there's plenty of punches landing. It's a great watch so far, plenty of action.

The third fight was slightly closer but the eyecatching punches were coming from Heaney.

Oliver's left hook was consistently effective because the 'Hitman' often dropped his right hand. Some solid shots landed in the final 10 seconds from Heaney, and he must have bagged every round on the scorecards so far.

In the fifth, Oliver threw caution to the wind and came forward throwing bombs but caught a left hook flush and went down. He rose again and the bell sounded for the sixth.

Oliver did very well to come back into the contest in the sixth round after touching down earlier and ended the round landing shots.

Another lovely short left hook landed very flush and painfully on Heaney's face in the last 30 seconds of the seventh which spurred Oliver on to finish the round strongly.

Heaney was turning up the heat in the ninth, landing some big shots. oliver was going nowhere though, and even bloodied the 'Hitman's' nose. another strong left hook landed in the last 15 seconds from Oliver.

Oliver was dancing on his toes in the final round, inviting Heaney to throw plenty, then he landed another sweet left hand, but it was one shot to 10 taken. Heaney had thrown a lot of punches during this 10-rounder, but couldn't quite get rid of his opponent even though he came close a few times.

Bob Williams scored the contest 97-92 in favour of Heaney.




Product of the Repton Boxing Club, 18-year-old Adan Mohamed is seven-time national champion and joined the England national squad from the age of 12. He left his vest behind after signing contracts with Frank Warren last August, closing the door with an amateur record of 55 wins from 60 fights. In the opposite corner is one of Britain's best journeymen, Brett 'The Threat' Fidoe. Mohamed will have to be careful against an opponent whose 13 victories came against four debutants and nine other home fighters with a combined record of 38-1-1, including former English super-flyweight champion Brad Watson.

Mohamed was firing on all cylinders right from the first bell and was showing his calibre.

He was looking very sharp and destructive, a great debut so far after just two rounds, clearly two up.

Boxing neatly on the backfoot, throwing heavy shots, and looking cmposed whenever Fidoe came on strong. He gets caught with a left hook but responds well. Mohamed has a strong jab and looks purposeful with every punch thrown. In the last 40 seconds Mohamed lands a brilliant right hook to Fidoe's chin.

Trained by Donnall Smith, Mohamed has handled his opponent, who is one of the best away fighters in the country, with the experience of a 10-0 pro. He smiles widely in the last round, proving he is enjoying himself in there. He looks good on the backfoot, looks good trading, and is attacking to body and head.

It's a competitive debut, you wouldn't expect anything less in a fight with Fidoe, but overall Mohamed has won every round and looked very good in doing so.

Mohamed wins 40-36.




Younger brother of Tyson, Tommy Fury has stopped all of his last three opponents within just five and a half minutes in total. He'll be looking to continue this devastating trend but his durable opponent, Scott Williams, 32 from Manchester, has only been stopped once going into his 10 pro bout and managed to absorb everything that 4-0 prospect Lewie Edmondson threw at him in his last fight last November.

Fury is hunting Williams down and it pays off just before the last inut approaches as he lands a right hand into the body of Williams, who receives a standing eight-count, and then goes down shortly after. He keeps looking for the right hand to the body, but not quite finding the same sweet spot and Williams survives the opener.

In the final minute of the second round, Williams gets caught so cleanly by fury and there's no way up again. He does get up, but Bob Williams waves the fight off. Fury lands a right to the body, then Williams throws his right and gets caught so cleanly with a right to the chin rom Fury. Quality power!




Product of Islington Boxing Club, 26-year-old Masood Abdulah enjoyed a rapid rise through the amateur ranks that culminated in him winning the National Championships at lightweight last April - having previously won gold at the Three-Nations Championships - all inside of 30 fights.

Abdulah won via second-round TKO.




Trained by Alan Smith and Eddie Lamm at the iBox Gym in Bromley, Maidstone's Sam Noakes takes a step up against unbeaten 25-year-old Delmar Thomas. Nottingham's 'DeeBo' has won all five fights so far.

Sam sizzled with a first round knockout.




The new main event, following the removal of Carl Frampton vs Jamel Herring and then Anthony Cacace vs Lyon Woodstock, this pair are going to be determined to make their chance in the spotlight count.

Kabul-born Quaise Khademi defends his WBO European super-flyweight title, which he won in his last fight in December 2019. The vacant IBF European super-flyweight belt is also up for grabs here. Former Midlands Area flyweight champion, Ahmed, has fought for the WBO European before, in his last fight, but at flyweight where he was defeated by Harvey Horn in November 2019, so both of these fighters have had the same amount of time away from the ring, which is close to 15 months now.

Ahmed starts the fight lively and likely takes the first round.

The away fighter continues to land telling shots in the second too and could be two-up here.

Ahmed is stilllanding the most eyecatching shots of the two, but then Kaisy starts to come into his own. He looks comfortable for the first time and starts to unload in bunches. Khademi for the irst time looked like it was his fight.

In the fourth, Khademi was making Ahmed miss and then landing good blows of his own. He looked like he had found his range and rythym after a shaky first few rounds. Possibly 2-2 as we go into the fifth, but Ijaz still got some big shots off.

Khademi is boxin on the backfoot with his hands low and making Ijaz miss. However, Ahmed's workrate pays off as he lands two big hands in the final seconds of the round. again, it could be even here. Richie Woodaall has Ahmed leading.

Khademi is landing shots then getting caught with the left hand as he's coming away. It's a perfect contrast of styles. There's a great exchange in the final seconds and it's another close round to call.

Ahmed is told by his corner not to leave it to points. Ahmed comes on strong but Khademi gets the better of their exchanges. Ahmed is really looking for Khademi and lands another good right hand. Switching from orthodox to southpaw allows Khademi to land more shots than Ahmed in the seventh. Richie's scorecard is 67-67.

The eighth was a clear round to Khademi, hitting and moving.

The ninth was also a Khademi round, he may just pull away here at the last minute.

A low blow lands and Ahmed is given a few seconds to recover. Khademi lands a nice jab from a southpaw stance midway through the last round. Khademi is on the end of a low blow not long after but they touch gloves and continue. It's a close, entertaining contest, which Khademi started slow in but dominated later on, so it's very close indeed.

The scores were read aloud as 95-95, 96-95, 96-94 in favour of the winner Ijaz Ahmed!


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