Liam Williams in war of words with Lawrence Okolie

Liam Williams in war of words with Lawrence Okolie

Published On Saturday, January 25, 2020By British Boxing News

Liam Williams blasts Lawrence Okolie on Twitter

Following the news of Yves Ngabu's adverse finding from an out of competition sample collected in Sheffield, former opponent Lawrence Okolie tweeted the following words, which started a heated debate on Twitter: "On them Ingle pringles".

This dig immediately prompted a sharp riposte from Liam Williams, who replied with: "Shut your mouth silly b***ocks."

Both Ngabu and Williams train at the Ingle gym in Sheffield.

Londoner Okolie respectfully responded to the Welshman by saying, "You're a great fighter. Keep up the good work."

Williams then replied, "Don't be labelling the 'camp' p*sses me off because peope labelling the camp are basically sayng I'm a cheat as well because I train there."

British super-flyweight champion Sunny Edwards also joined the argument when he chipped in with, "No wonder they call the Ingle Gym 'The Lab'."

Like a red flag to a bull, Williams replied, "Sunny watch your lip son.. you'll get slapped up!"

Tony Bellew also gave his two pence worth, "How many times is this gonna happen with this coach in question??".

Gym leader Dominic Ingle was forced to respond to the slanderous remark, "I always advise fighters to engage their brains before speaking not something Tony Bellew does but he made plenty and fair play, gotta love him for that. I don't think he's quite forgiven me for the life and death he had with Bob Ajisafe".