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Nick Ball’s fight is off after his opponent tests positive for coronavirus

Published On Friday, July 30, 2021By Tim Rickson

Liverpool’s Nick Ball remains upbeat despite last-minute fight cancellation

Ball: “It’s just one of them things, you can’t feel sorry for yourself”

Undefeated featherweight prospect Nick Ball (13-0, 6KOs) was due back in the ring tonight, July 30, on a Black Flash Promotions event at the Devonshire House Hotel in Liverpool, but his opponent returned a positive COVID-19 test, causing the six-round contest to be cancelled.

Despite the obvious frustrations, the 24-year-old remains upbeat and positive about the disappointing situation.

“It’s just one of them things, you can’t feel sorry for yourself, just got to get straight back in the gym, there’s always another fight.

“When I first got told, I felt frustrated at first but that’s just normal. I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in, my weight was sound, but you just can’t let it get to you.

“All that training isn’t a waste, it’s like money in the bank. I’m faster, stronger, have more skill… so it’s all there for when the time comes.

“I’ll probably go some for some nice Italian food over the weekend, maybe allow myself to have a dessert, but I can’t go too mad because I’m competing with my strength and condition team – Peak Performance Liverpool – in a cross-fit challenge on August 8.”

The remarkably refreshing outlook is coupled with enthusiasm, as he looks forward to watching his teammate in action instead, “I’m excited to watch Brad tonight, just ironing my clothes now!”

Ball’s teammate and sparring partner, Brad Strand (4-0, 1KO) faces Steven Maguire (1-21-1) over six-rounds at super-bantamweight on tonight’s show, titled ‘Back in Business’.

Trained by Paul Stevenson at the Everton Red Triangle gym, both were set to fight on the same show, but now just Strand will fly the flag for their club, as Ball watches on in the crowds instead.

The unbeaten talent will also be watching the British champion of his division the following night on July 31 too.

“I’ll be watching Leigh Wood’s fight, he’s the British champion and now he’s fighting for a world title! He’s strong and big for featherweight; I haven’t seen much of his opponent, Xu Can, but you just can’t underestimate him.”

At 13-0 with two unbeaten scalps on his record, Ball is keen to enter into 50-50 fights and has mentioned his desire to challenge for titles for some time now.

This will be the most sensible move going forward having fully completed his apprenticeship, which was evident in his last victory over 6-0 Jerome Campbell, and also due to the increasing difficulties in finding willing opponents to face him.

He confirmed this issue, “Yeah, even the journeymen don’t want to fight me because there’s a good chance of me stopping them and they don’t want that because they want to be able to work. Even the foreign ones don’t want to fly over here to fight. They have probably seen me fight and thought it’s just not worth it.”

Ball, along with teammates Strand and Andrew Cain, are all signed to Hall of Fame promoter Frank Warren, who has just announced six new shows on BT Sport specifically designed to showcase talented young prospects.

At just 24, on the cusp of title shots, Ball believes that he could profit from this new series of shows, stating, “I think I’ll benefit from that announcement, because I’m 13-0 and haven’t done anything major yet in the sport; I’ve had a few good wins but that’s about it.

“I want 50-50 fights, I think we [other prospects] should all be fighting each other, so I’m definitely hoping to be fighting on those shows.

“I should be getting two fight dates off Frank [Warren] this year if all goes well. Whatever happens, I’ll be straight back in the gym on Monday!”

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