All the LIVE results from the Oleksandr Usyk vs Dereck Chisora Sky Sports Box Office event

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BBN are reporting LIVE from the huge heavyweight event at The SSE Arena, Wembley, topped by Oleksandr Usyk's highly anticipated clash with Derek Chisora, shown live on Sky Sports Box Office in the UK and on DAZN in all of its nine markets including the U.S.

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Fight #1

10 x 2 mins vacant Commonwealth Super-Bantamweight Title 

One hour later than expected, due to Kash Farooq withdrawing from his fight due to a member of his team testing positive for COVID-19, Timlin and Skelly kick off the Box Office show live on Sky Sports.

Senior Skelly started brightly landing the first few shots and forcing Timlin backwards. Skelly, 33 from Litherland in Liverpool, was aggressive, rough and busy and won the first round despite being the underdog.

Second round, Skelly is still aggressive but getting caught by Timlin's left hook counter. She powers forward regardless and lands plenty of telling blows on the younger opponent.

It was another good round for full-time nurse Skelly, with plenty of exciting exchanges. Timlin surely must be down on the scorecards three rounds in.

The fourth stanza was another close round but Skelly's southpaw backhand was finding a home whenever they were in close exchanging blows. Timlin looks surprised at her opponent's skills. Matt Macklin's scorecards are 38-38 by the end of the fourth.

Timlin boxed clever in the fifth to land some telling blows. Skelly seems to be able to walk through them for now.

Skelly had a great sixth round, really putting it on Timlin, seemingly after suffering a slump in the previous round. She took a tumble in the corner momentarily but was ruled a slip.

Macklin still has the pair level-pegged after seven stanzas but Skelly is bossing the fight and heading to victory.

Another close round in the eighth but Skelly's southpaw left was landing strongly throughout.

The pair went hammer and tongs in the final round and capped off a quality fight and excellent advertisement for female boxing. They opened the show in the perfect way. Timlin managed to land the best shot of the fight in the dying moments with a clean backhand.

Macklin still scores the fight a draw at 95-95. It goes to the judges' scorecards - 96-95 to Timlin, 97-96 to Skelly, 95-95 evens to result in a split draw. Skelly can feel very hard done by with that biased result.

"It was heartbreaking because I've trained so hard for it," Timlin told Sky Sports afterwards. "You can't really fault the result because it was a close fight, and I thought I won some rounds and she won some rounds. I think it was a fair decision. I would love to do that fight again. I think styles make fights. That was a really good fight and I'd love to do the rematch. It could have gone either way."

"It's frustrating," Skelly told Sky Sports afterwards. "It was quite close early on but I thought I came on stronger at the end. It's hard to say. I'll have to watch it back and see what I think. I thought I done enough. Just being here tonight was a boss opportunity for the both of us. Hopefully we get to do it again and we'll get it decided in the next one. 100% I'd do it again."


Fight #2

6 x 2 mins Super-Bantamweight contest 

Traind by her husband Richard Moore, Somali-British boxer Ramla Ali peppered her opponent with shots, who was game to keep coming forward under duress.

Despite the German trying to come forard and make the fight messy, Ali stuck her guns and jabbed and one-twoed her way to victory. Ali's shot selection was varied and worked well.

Ali stuck to her boxing despite having an awkward spoiler in front of her. By round four, Ali had measured the distance well to outbox her foe and landed some nice overhand rights.

Hubmeyer was badly beaten in the  fifth segment and looked worn as she headed to her corner.

Hubmeyer had ceased to come forward in the final round and was literally a punch or two away from being stopped but the 34-year-old managed to hear the final bell, just. Ali prevailed on points 60-54.

"I'm not going to say I was crap, but I was a bit disappointed with how I performed tonight," Ali told Matchroom afterwards. "I allowed her, being a shorter opponent, to get into range way too much. I think it was just the nerves kicking in with it being my professional debut. I think I let all of that get to me and I allowed her to get into range. I should have kept her long. I think that's what I'm most disappointed with.

"When you come from the amateurs and you go into international competitions, you don't get a say in who you're going to compete with. You could have someone that is rushing at you like a bulldog and you just have to keep them away as much as possible. I feel like my years in the amateurs prepared me for that. The majority of the time I knew how to keep her away. My experience came into play there for sure.

"It felt amazing when I connected with her face with the smaller gloves. When it lands on your face it isn't nice! You have to take some to give some. The majority of the time you don't really feel it because of all of the adrenaline that is rushing through you. It's a huge difference to the amateurs but I'm learning to appreciate it.

"I think I've been promised an opportunity on the undercard of Anthony Joshua vs. Kubrat Pulev unless things chance, so I'm really hoping to have another fight this year. The last fight I had was in February. It has been a long time out. They always say you get quite rusty when you come back in. I'm hoping to improve on tonight's performance in December for sure. I hope I was entertaining. I hope people enjoyed watching me tonight."


Fight #3

12 x 3 mins vacant EBU European Cruiserweight Title

The pair are fighting in close quarters and it looks like McCarthy is getting the best of the exchanges so far.

Mac's quality is far better than Laggoune's, but neither look like they could knock the other out.

The ringside doctor had a good look at Laggoue during round six but let him carry on. McCarthy pounced on him and peppered him with shots straight after.

Round seven, Laggoune is on the back foot, hunted by McCarthy, who finished the round slamming in body shots while his opponent was on the ropes.

Round nine, Laggoune backpedalled to the ropes nd McCarthy  pounced and unloaded but the referee didn't see any reason to jump in.

McCarthy 107-102 up on Macklin's scorecards going into the last round.

Tommy McCarthy took the vacant European Cruiserweight Title after a hard-fought majority decision victory over Belgium's Bilal Laggoune, with scores of 116-112, 116-113 and 114-114 on a mixed decision.

"I'm over the moon," McCarthy told Matchroom. "It's taken a lifetime of work to get to this point. This is just the beginning for me. I want bigger and better things. I'm so happy and proud of myself. I'm proud of my team. I can't even remember what the scores were to be honest, but as long as they had me winning, that's all that matters. It's surreal. I thought I was going to start balling my eyes out. I couldn't go back home and have everyone slagging me for being a cry baby! I held it together and I'm still holding it together! I'm emotional because this has been a long time coming.

"I've been knocking on the door for a long time. Now it's all starting to come into play. I'd like to shout out my team; Mark Dunlop, Pete Taylor and everyone else for making this possible. Next year I would love to fight Mairis Briedis. He's the number one Cruiserweight in the world, and I want to be number one.He is the guy I want, but I'd take any one of them to be honest. Anyone who has a belt, big Mac is onto you! I know my family are proud. I'm looking forward to getting home to them in the morning. Hopefully they will spoil me, I don't want to do any housework for the next two weeks!

"I should probably thank Richard Riakporhe for giving me the kick up the ass that I needed. It's never happening again (losing). I'm here now. I'm the champion of Europe. The world is my oyster. Peter has moulded me into the boxer that I knew I always could be. This is the one thing that I know I can do very well. I wasn't going to let anyone stop me doing it. Shout out to everybody in West Belfast and shout out to everyone in Greater Belfast."


Fight #4

10 x 2 mins vacant WBO Middleweight World Title

Savannah Marshall became Britain's latest World Champion by stopping Hannah Rankin in seven rounds to win the vacant WBO Middleweight World Title.

The former amateur World Champion was a class above her Scottish rival from the opening bell and kept herself on course for a potential showdown with American star and former amateur foe Claressa Shields.

"I'm absolutely over the moon," Marshall told Matchroom. "Fair play to Hannah. She's an amazing fighter with big heart and I've got loads of respect for her. I'm just thrilled to bits. I knew I was good enough. I've always known I was good enough. The chances have just never been there for me. Thank god it came tonight. Me and Hannah sold that fight, we really sold that fight. I don't know what it was like for her but there was no real bad blood there for me.

"With Peter testing positive two weeks ago, I thought that was just typical me! I just had to ride the wave. I think England has got the best female professional boxers. COVID was a blessing because it's brought them all out. I'm the first female boxer to be an amateur World Champion and a professional World Champion. I beat the men. I beat the men to it. It's just a dream.

"The pool isn't that big at the higher weights. I'd like to go up to Super-Middleweight. I'm not really interested in Super-Welter. I think my power stays at Middle. I've just battered Claressa Shields' mate. I've just battered her best mate. I'm sure she said Hannah was going to stop me. So what does that say about her boxing IQ. She couldn't get Rankin out of there. Hannah is a brave fighter. Claressa couldn't do that. Me against Shields is the biggest fight in women's boxing. Let's get it on. I want a piece of it."


Chief Support

12 x 3 mins IBF Lightweight World Title Final Eliminator

Kambsos won the entertaining battle via split decision.

Lee Selby's lingering hopes of another World Title fight could have been ended by a split decision defeat to Australia's George Kambosos Jr.#

The former Featherweight World Champion received a generous score of 115-114 from one of the judges, but Kambosos Jr deservedly sealed victory with scores of 118-110 and 116-112, in a Final Eliminator for the IBF belt, which is currently held by Unified World Lightweight Champion Teofimo Lopez.

"I can't get this smile off my face," said Kambosos Jr. "It hasn't sunk in yet. I dug deep and I won a lot of them rounds. The big shots landed and I thought he was hurt a few times. That's a former World Champion. The guy is still a very respected fighter. It was a great win. That's two former World Champions in their backyards. I'm a road warrior. I'm a proud Aussie. I knew I won the fight. The whole time people thought I was being arrogant. I was never arrogant to him. It's just confidence and self belief. I'm a young hungry lion. I was never arrogant to him. I respect him.

"I knew the job I would do. I'm a confident fighter and I back my ability. I thought I hurt him a few times and I thought he nearly went. He's an experienced guy and he beat Ricky Burns in his last fight. I'm the young hungry guy coming up. That was a great win. That's another twelve rounds in my bank. The body shots busted him up. The right hand to the body, the stiff jab to the body. I was very composed. I feel like I'm in my prime. There's so much more work to do. I'm coming for the Unified Lightweight World Title against Teofimo Lopez. Two young hungry fighters!"


Main Event (10:30pm)

12 x 3 mins WBO Intercontinental Heavyweight Title

Oleksandr Usyk outpointed veteran contender Derek Chisora in a heavyweight battle at Wembley; he answered questions about his ability to beat top heavyweights; Usyk is mandatory challenger to Anthony Joshua's WBO belt, who was watching from ringside.

Oleksandr Usyk passed his first major test in the heavyweight division by outfighting Derek Chisora and winning their high-stakes clash via unanimous decision on Saturday night.

Ukraine's undefeated Olympic gold medallist and undisputed cruiserweight champion answered doubts about his natural size by displaying his electric footwork and razor-sharp punch accuracy against Chisora at The SSE Arena, Wembley.

Usyk remains the WBO mandatory challenger to Anthony Joshua, who watched from ringside, and who he intends to fight in 2021.

"I was very happy to be back in the ring," Usyk told Matchroom afterwards. "I haven't fought for more than a year. It was a huge pleasure for me. You saw my smile when I went into the ring. I really want to thank god for this victory. Derek has big power, he has strong punches but I was prepared for it.

"I didn't think about his boxing IQ. All I was thinking about was the boxing and what I wanted to do. I am very thankful for Derek giving me this opportunity. I am very thankful to this family and his team. I am happy. He is a good man. Anthony (Joshua), how are you? I am coming for you."

Usyk told Sky Sports: "Chisora a big guy, a hard guy. I was expecting a fight like that, I was expecting a tougher fight. My plan is to go to my home, maximum time with my family. Training and improving myself. Not just World Champion, the Undisputed World Champion [is my aim]."

A disappointed Chisora reacted to defeat: "I feel great. I was pushing the pace. I'm just disappointed with the result, gutted. To everybody who can't make it [to the fight], I'm gutted for everybody. In the Heavyweight game, you have to fight not box. I gave a couple of rounds away."

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