Ricky Boylan talks to BBN ahead of his English title fight with Tyler Goodjohn

Published On Friday, October 10, 2014By British Boxing News

Ricky Boylan talks exclusively to BBN

Ricky Boylan enters into a battle with Tyler Goodjohn for the vacant English light welterweight title on Eddie Hearn’s O2 Arena show, ‘Moment of Truth’ with the emerging heavyweight hope, Anthony Joshua topping the bill in what promises to be a huge night of boxing with a total of five title fights and two title eliminators.

The two aggressive boxers will both be looking to claim the vacant English light welterweight title vacated by Tyrone Nurse as he stepped up for the vacant Commonwealth title last month, losing out on a mixed decision verdict to 31-year-old, Dave Ryan from Derby.

This will be the biggest night of Boylan’s career so far and he has certainly left no stone unturned in his preparations, taking on Karoly Lakatos at the Wembley Arena in what was a vital tune-up fight for the unbeaten Carshalton lad just three weeks ago.

After continuous banter between the boys on social media, Boylan snapped at the chance to fight Goodjohn for the title.

For the Cambridgeshire lad, this will be his second consecutive crack at the English crown.

Goodjohn lost conclusively to the heavily experienced Tyrone Nurse in April this year at the MEN Arena in Manchester on a unanimous points decision.

The Tornado will undoubtedly be looking to avenge the loss on this second attempt at becoming English champion and will throw everything into this fight with the evenly matched Boylan.

The latter has 12 wins on his ledger, two more than Goodjohn but they each share the same amount of stoppages.

However, Boylan remains undefeated whilst Goodjohn comes into this fight off the back of a loss to Tyrone Nurse and also has a further two blotches on his record to Danny 'Cassius' Connor and Vinny Woolford.

In the Tornado’s defence, he triumphed over Connor eventually by winning two of their trilogy of fights. 

Former Southern Area champion, Boylan took time out to talk to BBN’s newest recruit, Sophie Elphick on the forthcoming fight, “Both me and Tyler are experienced and exciting fighters to watch, our styles are interesting and our supporters know that it’s going to be one hell of a show to watch. Bring it on!”

As all boxers inevitably experience, 26-year-old Boylan has suffered from a few recent niggles, when questioned on these Boylan replied, “I'm injury free and looking forward to my fight with Tyler, I feel fit and strong and ready for Saturday.”

Ricky explained he had been working on technique in the gym. After a previous fight with Krzystof Szot, Spencer Oliver was quoted saying that Ricky that he needs to work on his defence more. When questioned, Ricky responded, “It’s a fair comment, I'm open to constructive criticism. I have been working on my defence, I feel stronger and fitter, I don't want to say too much but fight night will be interesting.”

Goodjohn was recently quoted, “Without sounding disrespectful, I don't see any worry when fighting Ricky Boylan.”

Ricky’s rapid response to that was, “I'm glad he's got nothing to worry about. It’s good for me.”

Further goading the unbeaten star, another quote from Tyler was referenced, “I’m going to steal the limelight from Ricky on the night.”

Ricky’s comeback was quick, “The limelight doesn't bother me, I'm in the ring do a job and that's all. I'm not going to react to the crowd, I'm just doing my job and going to win the light welterweight English title.”

Ricky is obviously keeping his cards very close to his chest, when asked what should Tyler be worried about on the night, he smirked, “You'll find out on fight night.”

Concluding the chat, Ricky mentioned that it will be his son’s first birthday and promised, ‘I'll win it for him.” Ricky’s last words for Tyler Goodjohn were: “Let the best man win...and that will be me.”

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Tickets for the Moment of Truth are available on 01277 359900 and are priced at £40, £60, £100 and VIP at £150.

Olympic gold medalist, Anthony Joshua tops the bill and is hunting his first title in his ninth professional fight against the heavily experienced Denis Bakhtov at the O2 Arena on Live Fight Night.

The London card features five title fights and two title eliminators.

This article was created by Sophie Elphick on 10/10/2014