Shakur Stevenson: “I would love to come to the lions den in Belfast and be the person to retire Frampton" jamel herring leeds josh warrington oddschecker betting odds predictions preview who wins why world titles

Shakur Stevenson: “I would love to come to the lions den in Belfast and be the person to retire Frampton"

Published On Wednesday, December 16, 2020By British Boxing News

Shakur Stevenson blasts both Carl Frampton and Josh Warrington in heated interview

In an explosive exclusive interview, speaking to Marc Gatford via the blog, unbeaten American prospect Shakur Stevenson (15-0, 8KOs) revealed his plans for two-weight world ruler Carl Frampton, ahead of his matchup with Toka Khan Clary on December 12, which he came through successfully with a unanimous decision win.

The New Jersey-born 23-year-old blasted Frampton, “His punk a** doesn't want to fight me, that dude, I think he's scared to fight me. If he comes through [against] Herring I'm going to f** him up!

“I don't think he'll fight me, I think even if he wins he was talking about retiring, I don't think he really wants to fight me.”

Then, the trash-talking American lived up to his alias, 'Fearless', to really lay down the gauntlet to 'The Jackal', “I would love to come to the lions den in Belfast and beat-up on Frampton. I'd love to be the person to retire Frampton.”

The southpaw, a former WBO World featherweight champion before moving up a division this year, explained his reasons for believing in himself so confidently, “Frampton has got the perfect style for me, the sit back and box, looking for hard, big punches - that s**t won't work. Over the course of the fight, I'll stop him.”

Carl Frampton (28-2, 16KOs) is on a collision course with WBO World super-featherweight champion Jamel Herring (22-2, 10KOs), which has been derailed due to the COVID crisis gripping the globe.

If the 33-year-old from Northern Ireland can win against 35-year-old Herring, then he will become his country's first ever 'Triple Champion'. Trained by Jamue Moore in Manchester, Frampton is desperate to enter his name into the history books, but Stevenson doesn't believe he will be able to.

“I think Jamel will beat Frampton, I think Frampton is too small,” he said starkly. “I think Jamel will out box him and use his reach and range against Frampton, I can't see him finding a way to hit or reach Jamel. Herring is a really big 130-pounder.”

Then, the brash boxer's attention turned to Josh Warrington (30-0, 7KOs), who defeated Frampton two years ago in December 2018.

“I haven't forgotten about [Josh] Warrington, I don't think he'll be at 126 for too much longer. I think Warrington is a decent fighter, better than people give him credit for. He's a pressure fighter but he’s made for me as a boxer.”

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