Which are the most useful bonuses for boxing?

Which are the most useful bonuses for boxing?

Published On Wednesday, April 7, 2021By British Boxing News

Useful bonuses for boxing explained

People like Joshua, Tyson, Pulev, Klitschko, and so on are among the world’s most recognized athletes. Although there are many differences between them, they all have something in common, and that’s the fact they like boxing.

This sport has loads of fans in the UK, as well as in many other countries around the world. As a result, the sport quickly became a popular option for most bettors. 

Today, almost every online bookmaker allows its clients to wager on different boxing events that take place worldwide. Some brands only focus on popular matches, but in most cases, you should have access to lower-tier fights. 

However, before you decide which boxer you want to bet on, you should take a look at the promo section. Almost every bookie has at least several bonuses, some of which can be used for this fantastic sport. With that being said, here are some of the most famous boxing promos that you can try out.


The deposit bonus 

After you create an account, the bookie will probably give you access to a special deposit bonus that you will receive following your first transaction. Once you check if the Melbet promo code is given by Silentbet, you will see that this betting operator has one of the most appealing deposit bonuses.

One of the things that you need to remember about those types of offers is that you may have to use a unique payment option to take advantage of them. For some reason, bookies won’t allow you to fund your using some of the popular e-wallets, so keep that in mind.


Round Boost

If you like football, you probably know that there is a popular bonus called “ACCA boost. The latter allows bettors to potentially earn more money if they successfully predict multiple events. 

In the case of boxing, people rarely bet on more than one match. That’s why some of the best online bookies decided to change this promo. Instead of providing a bonus if you predict multiple boxing events, this offer will add a certain additional amount of money if the boxing match lasts more than a certain number of rounds.


Boxing cashback

The cashback promotion has all sorts of variations, especially when it comes down to online casinos. Even though it’s not that common on most sportsbooks, some websites that care about boxing fans decided to add it into their portfolio. 

If it is available, the boxing cashback offer will give you some of the money you’ve lost if you fail to predict a particular match. It would be best if you don’t have to use this bonus at all, but you never know what will happen, so it’s always a good idea to have a plan B.


No deposit offers

The last type of betting promotion that you may find on some online bookies does not require a deposit. This makes it popular among new and experienced bettors. Unfortunately, no deposit bonuses are not as common as other offers, at least for now.